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I began making photographs when I was about six and would aim my camera at a lot of things that just seemed like someone should know about them, think about them, or at least, remember they were there.

As I got older I wanted to be better at where I stood or how I framed something so that it looked important or elegant, exciting or maybe even mysterious.

Even now those kinds of values still play out in the image because to me itís really just a single frame thatís part of a story Iím looking for with my lens and then interrupting for a fraction of a second. When an image works for me, itís because itís captured the truth or the movement of the narrative and at least some of how I felt in that instant when I clicked the shutter.

I love shooting for people, clients, anyone thatís interested in the work I do, because they not only have an essential feel for why the medium works, but as a shared process, they often have a very real sense of the emotion or reaction theyíre trying to achieve.

mick victor

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